Help Greg Harnish Ride for Peanut Proud

This summer and fall, Greg Harnish, of Birdsong Peanuts will ride in three separate 100-mile cycling events in the Appalachian Mountains. The rides will have him pedaling to a combined altitude of 30,000 feet (about the height of Mount Everest!).

greg harnishGreg plans to use his cycling experience to raise money for Peanut Proud, supporting donations of protein-packed, nutritious peanut butter to ease food insecurity here in the U.S., but needs your help.

We can support Greg by raising just $1 for every foot of altitude climbed (or suffered!), that would equal an entire tractor trailer load of peanut butter or 30,000 jars!

Please consider supporting this great cause:

First up, 'The Storming of Thunder Ridge' on Sunday May 23 (100 miles and 8,800 feet of climb), followed by mountain riding adventures in Virginia and South Carolina this fall.